Plastic gravel parking grid
Interlocking plastic gravel mats for driveways
Gravel retention grids that lock in stones on your driveway
IBRADRIVE parking grids interlock to provide a solid base for your gravel driveway
Plastic parking grids for driveways with gravel

IBRADRIVE Gravel Parking Grid [1sqm]

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Plastic Parking Grids for Driveways that lock gravel in place.

25 year manufacturer guarantee on all easy install gravel grids for anti-slip, strong gravel driveways!

  • Size: 50cm x 50cm x 4cm
  • Price per sqm / 4 grids
  • Super Strong 500 tonnes Load Capacity
  • Suitable for Domestic Driveways
  • Interlocking Design
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Black Colour
  • Weather proof - will not become brittle.
  • Safe to drive on

IBRADRIVE is a recycled plastic parking grid for gravel driveways, parking spaces and wheelchair friendly pathways.

The IBRADRIVE plastic parking grid for driveways inerlocks and holds stones and gravel in place, stopping your car's tyres from sinking in and spreading stones.

Strong Interlocking Cellular Design

With strong interlocking grid sections, you can cover large areas in minutes, saving you time with a larger ground coverage per grid.

IBRADRIVE's unique design incorporates anti-slip nodules on the upper surface, providing extra grip to drive over when wet. Its reinforced, weather proof profile makes it stronger than any other grid for longer.

Designed and Manufactured in the UK For All Weather Conditions

All parking grids are light and temperature stable (down to -50°C!), even in harsh weather conditions. When in-filled, you can easily drive over these grids.

During manufacturing, we introduce UV stablisers to protect the grids against strong sunshine, preventing brittleness and ensuring your grids last longer than any other.

Made in the UK from 100% UV stable, recycled plastic, every grid goes a long way in the battle against waste plastics in the environment.

Designed to be Driven Over

Each intelocking, 50cm square grid can be safely driven over, locking in all gravel within its cellular design. Filled with retained stones, the surface becomes both strong and stable as well as save to drive over.

IBRADRIVE Can be Driven Over by Heavier Vehicles Than Any Other Grid

With enough flexibility in the grid to withstand high turning forces (axle load), this means any kind of vehicle can drive on it from as light as mobility scooter right through to articulated lorries.

This versatility means it can be used anywhere the ground needs reinforcing, including gravel driveways, footpaths, disability friendly accesses and even warehouse loading bays!

Made from Environmentally Friendly, Recycled UK Plastic

Like all our own product designs, IBRADRIVE is made from high strength, recycled plastics that have been redirected from landfill and our oceans. Everytime you buy an IBRADRIVE gravel grid, you are actively contributing to the global fight against plastic pollution, trading waste for long lasting, practical solutions for your garden.