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FABREX-100 Weed Suppressant

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No more weeds, no more weeding.

Without using weed killer sprays, gels or herbicide treatments - this thick woven membrane will keep your weeds down forever - organically.

Install this weather-proof weed control membrane for a low maintenance garden.

Use and reuse, this recyclable woven fabric is weather proof, rot proof and sunlight stable. This means you can either lay it down somewhere permanently or lift it and reuse it as part of a rotational weed control programme.

  • Width: 1m or 2m (folded onto 1m tube)
  • Length: 10m / 20m / 30m / 50m / 100m
  • 100gsm THICK

Weed suppressant membrane that keeps weeds down forever, doesn't rot and doesn't fray!

FABREX-100, as the name suggests, is a 100gsm thick weed control fabric that stops weed growing. In fact, without cutting holes in it, nothing grows beneath it. This makes it perfect for lining underneath decking, sheds, driveways, gravel areas...the list goes on!

Not only that, we like to use it for keeping weeds down in our vegetable patches. With this, it's just a case of cutting simple X shaped holes in it, dig out an area for planting into and insert! The folds of the X shape can then be folded back towards the stem of the plant.

Due to its weather and UV stability, the membrane can tolerate long exposures to sunlight and cold and hot weather extremes without breaking up. With 99.5% of all sunlight blocked, this means a lot of weeds can be kept down for a long, long time.

Each woven strand is made from recycled, chemically inert plastic. That means that the plastic will not leach nasty chemicals into the soil, guaranteeing you can keep your patch organic.

Another cracking use for this landscape fabric is to keep weeds down under pebbles and shingle, so you don't get dandelions and bindweed popping up where you don't want it.

A little known trick to fold the cut edge underneath the edge and pin down. When you're cutting the membrane at the end of a length, you'll want to remember this trick.

You'll find plenty of guides on best uses for your FABREX-100 weed suppressant fabric in our product guides and blog.